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Every Door Direct Mail: Get your business noticed fast!

One of the major worries when starting a business is getting local recognition and acceptance. After all, it is the market and people around you that gets your business going. Most startup businesses like restaurants, sales shop, boutiques, hair salons, and just about any other business can benefit a lot from Every Door Direct Mail services.

EDDM Postcard Printing

Using EDDM services

Using Every Door Direct Mail services are considered to be a major boost to your business. This method does not require a mailing list, a large clientele base, or no following at all. With EDDMs, it is now possible to send out postcards directly to the mailboxes of residents around your business area. All you have to do is specify the zip code and the number of prints you want to send out. After printing the mailers the post office will then deliver each postcard to every single door within that area code. Regardless of the demographic variance, income class, or interest in what to offer the price we remain the same.

EDDMs are a much cheaper option than bulk mailing since you can pay as little as 14.5¢ per piece.  Now you can decide on the number of pieces to send to test your market. Most printing companies offer from 200 to 5000 copies for a single order you make. This includes all types of printed pieces including flyers, posters, brochures, and postcards. Depending on what kind of mailer you need for your business, this method is sure to give you great exposure.

To increase your chances of getting leads and paying customers, it is advisable that you get a designer to do the graphics and the content design. Usually, the printing companies would already have an in-house design and print department that will provide the solutions you need. If you are creative and are looking to keep costs down try designing on your home computer.

EDDM Size Requirements

The size accepted by Every Door Direct Mail services are usually between 6.25” x 9” to as large as 11” x 17”. This is big enough to have a beautifully designed layout that highlights your business name, addresses, products and services. Be sure to include a promotion or offer that will excite potential customers to visit your shop.

Although most businesses seem to prefer online marketing over printed matter, the conversion of Every Door Direct Mail is more effective. Most customers will save the postcards and can refer to it every time they develop an interest. Unlike online advertisements that are mostly seen as web banners are rarely opened by buyers, let alone saved in their account. In other cases as well, marketing emails are automatically sent to the spam folder that makes most  miss the ads.

While we cannot avoid internet marketing, it is advisable to diversify your advertising campaign by including other marketing methods. So when you set out your next budget for marketing, allocate some of your budget for Every Door Direct Mail printing services. You are sure  to enjoy not only low costs but more positive results for your business after using this method.