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June 9, 2020 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Why Business Cards Matter: The Small Detail that reels in Business

The humble business card, somewhat creased in a wallet or lovingly protected in a case, continues to be the most practical means of getting the word out about one's products or services. It is light, succinct and predates the modern concept of viral communication. This small billboard may be forgotten after today’s meeting but will resurface when your product or service is needed. Business cards matter!

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First Impressions Matter

Hands down nothing beats business cards for those first meetings with would-be business associates. Whether you’re at a business networking event, a meeting, or simply just running into someone new at the store, you’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression. If you don’t currently have a business card, how are you growing you’re business? Maybe it’s writing it down on a small slip of paper or perhaps it’s entering your information on their smart phone. While this is technically a way to share your name and number, it doesn’t always work long term. People tend to forget, people make mistakes when writing things down,  and people lose or break their phone without a backup of your information.

Having a high-quality business card on hand is the perfect way to ensure that your information is all in one place and that your business name now has a face attached to it. Also presenting a business card can also give you a professional image and help you appear confident about yourself and your business.

Business Formalities have changed after COVID-19:

When Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, recommended last week that we do away permanently with the handshake, I let out a cheer! This is the new handshake, the great masterpieces of history, the business card. When entering a networking event, a meeting, or introduced to new friend, you will no longer shake hands.  Instead you will just hand over your business card.

Why Your Business Card Design Matters

The bearer of a business card who presents his or her details with sleek savvy design creates a far more professional impression than the rookie with home printed or low quality cards. In business dealings, first impressions matter, and well-crafted personal business cards can do all the talking for you. They can even print a special message or offer on the reverse-side of cards to take action.

Even with the advance of internet advertising, business cards are still exchanged at networking events among small business owners. They are a pleasant mix of print and word-of-mouth advertising, proof that one needs only a few minutes to network long-term business partnerships provided the proverbial "they" have the information needed to call back when the time is right.

In creating the best business card advertisement for you and your company, think about the great masterpieces of history. Let all of the decisions be yours when designing the look and feel of this item. Find a Rochester business card printing service that has created a lot of cards and have a conversation with them. Discuss what your business is about and who you want to please with the looks of that offering. The recommendations that there marketing team offers should be taken into consideration, however the final decision must be yours.

Research suggests that each of us is only four or five people away from any person we could ever want to meet, from your favorite music artist to the President. People like good design — and when they see an unexpected design, they talk about it to others. It leaves a mark. It goes places.

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Getting the business card printing Rochester businesses trust is more than just a “good idea” — it’s an absolute must. Connect with your Just Press Print team to help you make that lasting first impression not only for you but the company you work for. We know that small details lead to big business and lasting relationships.