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Why The 'Essence' of Poster Printing Is now so important.

Rochester Poster Printing

Poster printing has become an essential part of modern businesses. A poster that has an impressive design makes anyone curious about the information it contains. Companies over decades have been coming up with eye catching posters to market their products and services.

Other than advertisements, poster printing in Rochester is used for many purposes.  Some business use posters to display warnings, promote upcoming events, and help political campaigns. In keeping up with the competition, businesses are now turning to local printers to produce posters using digital printing.

Start by creating your poster

Creating your own poster is a sure way to communicate a distinct message to your clients. Designing a poster will be the largest challenge you will face but it’s worth the time.

You can either have a freelance designer create one for you or design your poster online using a template.  In order to achieve eye catching posters, work with your designer or look at pre-designed template’s that works with your brand. Always be sure to use the adobe creative suite to ensure proper CMYK color selection, layout, and size of the poster.

Essential Tips You Should Consider When Designing a Poster

  1. Your posters should be readable from a distance: If your printed posters are not visible from a far distance your message will not be noticed. Most people do want to come too close to a poster to read it.
  2.  Consider the Location of where it will be displayed: Before creating a concept keep in mind the location of the displayed poster. Many factors such as the size of the poster and visual images are included in deciding on the location. People should be able to see your call to action quickly and clearly.
  3. Use of space of your design to your advantage: Using the Space is a key element in the design of your poster because people look at it from a greater distance. It would be advisable to use greater spacing between information to provide a clear message. An advantage of extra spacing is that it enhances visual impact dramatically

You now will need to have posters in your workplace.

The spread of the coronavirus has left businesses trying to navigate uncharted territory. Don’t assume that your customer base knows all the precautions to take while visiting your business.

Along with posters for your customers don’t forget to consider about protecting your most important asset- your staff!  The backbone of your business is the people who work hard each day to help your business proper. Try creating posters to remind employees of these important things;

1. Cleaning and disinfectant posters:

Wash hands posters

Image credit: CDC

The goal of this poster is to outline exactly how you want your staff to clean the business space and how often you would like it done.

2. Symptoms posters:

Covid19 symptom poster template

Image credit: CDC

Place your symptoms posters near popular areas in the office such as the break room, restrooms, and lobby. Also put up posters on bathroom walls and mirrors to encourage employees to practice proper hand washing. Even if you have such signs in place, add the coronavirus posters next to them with a step-by-step procedure.

3. Protective gear policy:

Face Mask Poster ideas

Image credit: CDC

If your business has opted to have staff wear masks, gloves or other protective gear, then creating a poster on proper business attire is wise. Also include colors and brands of products your business approves. Consider hanging these posters in the entrance so they will be visible to customers as well and will help to communicate a sense of safety.

Choosing a Poster Printing Service

In Rochester NY there are many reputable companies offering poster printing services that understand the needs of their clients and the competition around them.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to poster printing, which may help to cut down the cost of such services. With the evolution of digital printing you can choose lower quantities and multiple paper choices. Affordable printing options include black and white poster prints, full color posters and large format prints. While quality of posters varies widely, online printing services offer flexible size choices for clients. Some of the most common sizes are 11”x17”, 18”x24” and 24”x36.

The ‘essence’ of poster printing in now so important that Just Press Print is not only offering these services but helping our clients find the best solution for their business success.