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Recipes for the Perfect Restaurant Menu Design!

JPP Menu PrintingA menu is not merely an informational list of the delicacies available in a restaurant. Though providing information is our incentive, this list of choices can be essential of the identity of a restaurant. Quite unsurprisingly, most serious restaurateurs place great emphasis on a flawless restaurant menu design. Here are five basic menu tips to remember in the process of creating or re-designing a menu card.

Restaurant menu design inspiration

When beginning to work on the menu design for your restaurant, the first step is to look for inspirations. The menu should be an extension of the theme of the restaurant and the cuisine(s) served in its premises. Naturally then, the inspirations you seek should stem from the same sources as the food. For instance, it would be culturally inaccurate to have kimono-clad Japanese women adorning the menu of an Indian eatery.

Use Your Imagination

A creative restaurant menu design is sure to catch the attention of customers. A restaurant specializing in Chinese cuisine could well have a menu card shaped like a dragon. A menu does not need to have elaborate designs or fancy embossing techniques to make an impact. What is required is an inventive concept towards creating a layout that grabs attention, strengthen the brand image of the restaurant and is also user-friendly.

Make a Visual Impact

Your menu should make an immediate impact and that is possible only by incorporating the right visual elements. Include attractive typography at strategic points, keep the text reader-friendly. Also use elements from the restaurant’s theme and the logo and include pictures as illustrations of the food served at the restaurant. The key to having a visually appealing menu design is to harmonize all these elements thus creating a design that is impactful without being over the top.

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Image Credit: Tobias Hall on Art of the Menu for restaurant Zizzi

Lay Out the Details

The ideal restaurant menu design isn't simply characterized by gorgeous graphics; its ability to communicate with customers is also significant. Restaurant owners often try to squeeze the entire list into a single page, but this can be unfavorable. Unless the food is universally known, such as French fries, it is useful to include a brief and clear description of it below its name. This is particularly important for restaurants serving exotic cuisines – nothing annoys diners more than having to order food when they don’t know what anything on the menu means.

Seek Professional Help

Hiring a professional to design and outsource the menu printing is sure to provide great results. Designers with experience on how to design a restaurant menu will be able to conceptualize an effective design scheme, saving on both time and effort. If you have hired a designer to create logos and other designs for your restaurant, consider extending the agreement to include the menu as well.

In addition to a designer, seeking the services of a proofreader will also be of massive help. A well-made menu should be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. To create a menu reflective of the restaurant’s true essence, owners must work closely with these professionals. Menu cards can serve as indicators of a restaurant’s quality, which is why it is so extremely crucial to pay keen attention in achieving the right restaurant menu design.