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April 15, 2015 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Using Rack Cards to Spread Your Message

Rack Card DimensionsRack cards are convenient marketing tools that are used by organizations in spreading their message. The rack cards are usually prominent in organizations that experience high foot traffic in their stores. The rack cards are high quality cards with visually appealing graphics. The standard rack card size is 4 inches by 9 inches. Other rack card dimensions exist. Another size is 4 inches by 11 inches.

Rack cards are popular in organizations because of the following:

  • Their ability to attract the attention of clients due to their visual appeal.
  • Their ability to summarize information. They are therefore convenient for people who would like to grasp things on an organization while on the move
  • Rack cards are also easily accessible within organizations. Due to the size of a card, it can be placed in different places within an organization where clients can easily get them.
  • They are cheap to produce and due to their small size, they can be produced in bulk and placed in multiple locations

These cards can be used by any organization that would like to spread message about its products to the clients that visit. For any enterprise, combining both online offline marketing in this competitive business environment is critical.

Under online marketing, some of the things that you have to consider are: creation of a website for your firm, creation of content for the firm's website, distributing the content and finally tracking the performance of your campaigns.

Under offline marketing, the things that you have to consider are creation of content and distributing the content. When it comes to distribution, the various distribution channels are: radio and television, billboards, posters, brochures and rack cards.

As can be seen, rack cards form an important component for your offline distribution efforts.

What should be contained in a rack card

The objective of your marketing campaign dictates the information that is going to be contained in the rack card. Some of the information that can be contained in these cards are: products or services that are offered by a company, upcoming events or promotions that are offered by a company, discounts on products that are offered, menus for a restaurant or general information on an organization.

Whatever information an organization would like to put across using the cards, the following key points are important to consider:

You should ensure that the card is rich in graphics. This would act as a way of attracting the attention of your readers. Most people prefer to read rack cards that are rich in graphics. Invest in the creation of quality pictures that are relevant.

Ensure that you use minimum words for your cards. The less words you use, the easier it is to put the message across. Try as much as possible to avoid being wordy.

Use appropriate text font on your cards. This depends on your target audience. Avoid making your texts too small or placing them in places where they can't be seen or read. The text is an important part of the campaign. Ensure that it is visible and appealing.

Your rack card size is small so try not to squeeze too much information on it. Put just enough information. This will provide a good experience to the readers and help in simplifying the message that you are putting across.

Finally, place the cards conveniently in your store. This can be on the entrance, on the waiting area, along the queues or next to your desk.