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June 4, 2015 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Importance of Personal Business Cards

Everyone knows what a business card is. But the same old business card you thought you knew so well has a whole new application. This time it is all about you, as it is a “personal business card”.  Some folks call them a “personal networking card”.  And instead of just trumpeting your business title, a personal business card highlights the uniqueness of your personality and your interests outside your business life.

Since they are not restrained by old-style company policies or bland corporate branding rules, personal business cards have personality.  It says exactly what you want it to say about you, your interests and the best way to connect with you. These cards are a great way to do some job hunting or scout out the competition on the down-low.  Personal business cards make a great way to network when you are active within a specific hobby. These days your “avocation” can be just as important as your “vocation”, and your personal business cards helps you make a great impression outside the confines of your work-a-day world. Personal Business Cards

Business cards for parents can be effective.

Parents are starting to use personal cards as part of their “family safety” plan, giving their children a convenient form of contact information to use if they should become lost.  Parents are also finding other unique and creative ways to use personal business cards.  Many parents are using the cards to set up “play dates” for their children. Using cards can build up trust and confidence among parents, kids, teachers, administrators within their family’s social and educational network have there benefits.

Ultimately, you are free to design a personal business card that is as exciting, eye-catching and interesting as you are. They are a convenient and cost-effective form of self-expression and self-promotion. And you thought you knew every conceivable use for a business card! The most satisfying solution they provide might have nothing to do with “work” at all.