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March 22, 2015 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

The Doorway to Efficient Mailing

Every Door Direct Mail serviceIn 2011, businesses in the United States were gifted with a program that could promote their businesses in a way that would bring faster and more effective results. In March that year, the United States Postal Service launched the every door direct mail program. This program is designed to help enterprises promote their businesses by adopting online infrastructure. For example, this program could enable a local furniture store to send postcards both locally and nationwide. Now they can target neighborhoods without knowing the names of the home owners by just a click of the mouse.

Here is how the Every Door Direct Mail program works

The Every Door Direct Mail service allows business owners to map out a target location by entering an address and Zip code. Along with location you can choose a delivery route and select a mailing drop off date. The program then calculates the fees depending on the amount of mail being dropped off and can be paid online.

Other utility aspects that have made the Every Door Direct Mail program popular in the business world include:

  • Its ‘ability’ to let the user create mailings a month before planning to mail.
  • Its Retail option is user friendly and the most cost effective as it can allow sending of up to 5000 pieces of mail daily per ZIP code.
  • The Retail option variant – Retail Indica saves cost as postage permit will not need to be purchased.

Every Door Direct Mail Sizes

Size is important with this method of mailing as stipulated by the US Postal Services. There are limits to the sizes of the different mail pieces that can be sent using this mailing program. The maximum size for large post cards for example is 11 by 8.5 inches. While small postcards which are popularly used for grand opening announcements should have a maximum size of 6.25 by 9 inches. On the other hand an EDDM mailer should have a maximum size of 12 by 15 inches.

To be on the ‘safe’ side with size restrictions, it is ideal to either use pre-designed templates. All which are available as free downloads on our website. The most popular sizes which include 12 by 15 inches, 6.25 by 11 inches and 8.5 by 11 inches.


The cost of service differs with the type of mail piece being delivered. For example, postcard deliveries to the post office and finally to targeted homes will cost the sender a least amount of $0.16 and a maximum amount of $0.19. However to get an accurate comparison between the cost of using EDDM marketing and the cost of directing marketing, it is recommended to quote both campaigns to get the different costs.

Every Door Direct Mail Postcards

EDDM postcards come in all different shapes and sizes - the most popular ones being postcards, flyers, and Rackcards. Postcard use is the most adapted by business owners especially when they need to inform clients about their services.

No matter the type of EDDM marketing material used, businesses should be rest assured that the EDDM program will deliver!