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Door Hanger PrintingMay 10, 2015 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

The powerful secrets of door hanger advertising

Door hanger advertising is a tried and true method to directly reach your target audience—right where they live! Unfortunately, many businesses overlook this effective style of direct marketing to consumers. Check out the following advice from our marketing experts to make your door hanger advertising campaign more effective.

Plan for success

A door hanger advertising campaign is no less important than any other program in your marketing mix, and it deserves as much attention as any other form of advertising. If you are just starting out, assemble a team of experts, including professional marketing writers, graphic designers and direct marketing specialists to help you plan your door hanger strategy. If you already have a marketing plan, work with your team to reformat your marketing message to take advantage of this unique way to reach new customers.

You have 5 seconds to make a great impression

Door hanger printing can’t be missed, but they can easily be thrown away. You must grab the customer’s attention with a powerful call to action like "Call Now"; "Free Trial"; "Get a Free Quote"; "Request a Free Consultation"; "Talk To The Experts"; “Free Shipping”; “Your Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Limited Time Only”. Customers must be sold quickly on the benefits of your product or service. The right message, fast and hard-hitting, can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your door hanger ads but instilling a sense of urgency in your target market.

Better hangers by design

To take full advantage of the few seconds you have to grab the customer’s attention while they grab for the door handle, make sure you use all the colors and shapes available to you. Die-cut hangers in the shape of your product or that represent the ultimate benefit of your product or service can be very effective.  Specific colors appeal strongly to specific target markets. At little bit of research and design ingenuity can make all the difference in door hanger advertising.

Building repeat business:

Door hangers can carry a perforated section containing your business card or a valuable coupon.  Each new season or major holiday also offers another opportunity to design and deliver a powerful door hanger ad.  A campaign developed over the course of a year gains momentum, with many consumers actually waiting to see what you will deliver to their door next!

Work with a printer who knows door hangers:

Shop around. Talk with several local and regional printers to find out how much experience they have in creating door hanger ad campaigns  A little bit of “legwork” up front can save you a lot of money, and increase your success down the road.