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Sales sheet tipsTips to Designing a Product Sales Sheet

In business, once you have come up with a new product or service, the next big step is marketing. One of the most effective tools for marketing new products and services is a sales sheet. This tool is a one-page sheet designed to attract attention of target audience to the new product.

You can distribute your sales sheets at a meeting, an event, or just send them to potential customers in e-mail or direct mail system. The main goal of a sales sheet is to evoke the interest of potential customers to call the manufacturer and discuss the terms of buying the product or promoting it more.

As a business owner, you should put keen interest in the design and development of your sales sheets. The success of the sheet depends on three important things. The strength of its copy, the force of its design, and the distribution process. Of the three factors, the strength of the design you choose for your sales sheets stands out to make them more effective to achieve their intended purpose.

Follow these sales sheet tips to create compelling sales sheets that achieve their goals in the shortest time possible:

It Should Captivate and Direct Your Audience

Once ready with your sales sheets, your first goal as a marketer is to attract the attention of your audience. To achieve this, your sheet should have a compelling design to set the tone and mood of your message so the audience can feel the product and its value. Apply creativity and avoid traditional horizontal or vertical layouts. Think outside the box and come up with a landscape layout to bring out some difference in your style.

The online ads, on the other hand, will disappear almost instantaneously. They will last only as long as the companies budget can sustain them. In addition to attracting their attention, your design should draw the audience to the most important information about the new product. Therefore, include important features, benefits of the product, your offer, and a call to action.

Use Large Images and Headlines for Product Sheets

Sales Sheet ImagesIn sales sheets design, images and headlines attract attention of the audience. Regardless of what you promote, ensure you use large fonts for the headlines and images because they provide an easier way to direct attention of the audience to the most important information. For instance, you can put a large image of your product near the top of the sheet or a vertical side banner of happy customers enjoying your product.

Alternatively, product sales sheets can promote more than one product. In that situation, you can use panoramic graphic presentation to make the sheet stand out. Break the text into manageable chunks that are easy to read, adjusting the headlines to match the gravity of the information in each chunk.

Highlight Key Areas in the Sheet

 People love color, and you can easily attract your audience by highlighting the most important information, putting them in colored shapes to arouse their interest. To ensure that the printed piece is a success, invest in a company offering sales sheet printing services in your community. From their expertise and experience, you can amass more information on how to combine graphics and images to come up with a striking presentation of a sales sheet.

In highlighting key areas, remember not to use too much color in an effort to make everything stand out. Just use one base color and different hues of the same.

Break Information into Colors

Use Color textMultiple colors can reveal a good presentation of your sales sheet. For instance, if you use three different colors, it breaks monotony and your audience can be more interested to read all sections of the sheet. It is also easier to make comparisons when you use more than one color on the sales sheet. You can have two or three-column layout of different colors. Use varying widths for the columns to display aesthetic value. To make it more presentable, you can have an image of your product covering the width of the sheet and three columns beneath the image capturing key information such as product features, benefits, testimonials, offers, and call to action.

When you do your marketing using digital printing channels, it will be easier for you to build a very engaging customer experience. Again, it could be our conservative streak but consumers are generally more engaged when reading print material than when reading online material where we usually have an attention span of only a few seconds. Using print marketing services allows you to really catch the attention of a consumer.

Use Ready-made Design Templates

The case can also be made that as more companies shift to the internet and more wholesomely embrace the online marketing forms such as SEO and SEM, they leave the advertising space more open for you to dominate the marketing using digital printing channels which still have a significant reader-base.Especially if you are unfamiliar with graphics and overall presentation, the templates can provide a more efficient means to design your sales sheet. The templates are professional in nature and easy to use compared to manual presentation. At this point, you can still involve a certified company for sales sheet printing services for appropriate advice. The ready-made templates are already in proper format, color mode, and resolution.

Besides, the templates come with marks that show you how to use them including bleed lines, cut lines, and areas that are safe so you can know how to position your design to suit the specifications. Browse online sites for free sales sheet design templates and you can find a range of suppliers.

Make Your Design Unique

There is a way also in which print marketing is converging with the online media marketing channels. A case in point is the use of QR codes when using print marketing services. Companies can choose print marketing but also incorporate technology that makes these ads accessible to online or mobile users.Include features such as die-cut or foil-stamp to make the design meaningful and elegant, speaking to a specific audience. Think about a subtle top, square design, or a margin swoop. Include a medallion, a seal, or any emblem that matches your product. These features help your design present a unique image and message that captures your audience’s attention and make them feel respected.

Have Something to Take Away

If you want to have effective sales sheet, include perforated tear-off parts that your customers can find beneficial. These may include gift certificates, special offers, or coupons. They are important especially if you distribute your sheets at a special function or event. Besides, such parts help you track your distribution system.

Make Your Design Shine

Finally, an effective sales sheet design must shine. Therefore, features such as UV or watermark finish can make your text and images stand out from the crowd. Besides, they enhance the aesthetic value of your design to make it more appealing to the eyes of your target audience. Having a properly designed sales sheet is an important means to market a new product as fast as possible. The design of the sheet therefore, should reflect your marketing goals. Once complete, your sheets can reach their intended audience via shows, events, or through a presentation. Follow the above tips and come up with a compelling sales sheet that is functional and admirable.