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May 19, 2020 | By Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Print Marketing Ideas for Business after Covid-19

Upon reopening from the Covid-19 crisis, it can be hard to know the best way to market your products or services. No need to worry because summer is fast approaching and the spending mood has started to kick in. Print marketing after COVID-19 will demand that brands and companies redesign their marketing game plan and develop new print material. Your marketing team must revisit your marketing strategies as soon as possible in order to prepare for the Re-opening phases. Of course, with businesses having employees work from home, this certainly creates challenges for B2B marketers but now is the time.

Start By Having a Strategic Marketing Plan

It is now the time for you and your team to revisit your marketing strategies for your business after Covid-19 and all the materials on hand. Your team should decide if they are still effective and can they still be used during this sensitive time? Take a look at the outdated brochures, sell sheets, or catalogs that you meant to revise but couldn’t find the time. Be mindful of these key points before creating a design.

  • Caution: Be aware of your messaging, language, and tone of voice.
  • Evaluate your current images, stay away from close group images
  • Consider partnerships with someone in your local business community.

Print Material Options for business after Covid-19

Business cards

Hands down nothing beats business cards for those first meetings with would-be business associates. The first piece of content exchanged when walking into a meeting or event will be your business card. Although face to face contact will be changing moving forward it’s even more important now.  The designs of your business cards are incredibly essential for your company brand and representation.

A key aspect to business card design is the color. Below are a few hints for coloring your business card, or any other print media for that matter:

  • Red: One of the main reasons why red is used for print marketing branding is that it draws attention. It is also a color of energy and it reflects a sense of vitality to your business.
  • Blue: This is one of the most popular colors used for branding. Many people associate blue with the cool and calming waters of the ocean.
  • Grey: This color is often referred to when describing what is between black and white. However, a lot of brands have used the color due to its timelessness and practical appeal.


Brochures are still one of the most powerful print marketing tools you have at your disposal. Now consider making your brochures work harder for your business after Covid-19 and get the most from your marketing investment.

With budgets being tight and getting even tighter printing and postage will often be one of the first things to get cut from most marketing budgets. And that means the brochure you produced will stand out even more.

Let's take a look at a few important reasons for companies to include brochures in their marketing efforts:

  • Brochures can help capture the attention of potential customers, especially in the case of small and emerging businesses that are on a tight budget.
  • These versatile pieces of printed information can be used for promoting all types of products and services, and in different venues, right from reception desks of offices to an invoice mailer. Brochures are found in several formats, in addition to the conventional tri-fold style.
  • A printed brochure is always easy to access and read when compared to content from an e-mail or a website.

Menus after Covid-19


For any business to be successful, it needs to have a product menu. It is important to have all your products at the hands of your client with pricing and descriptions. With many business offering curbside pickup and free delivery, this is the time to redesign your menus.

What new products are you offering? What new services are you providing? Does something set you apart from your other local competitors? This is the time to add a coupon or special offer that you can track results of your print marketing efforts.

Photography' is very difficult and expensive but, you will gain more advantages, in terms of branding and customer retention, by using good quality images of your products.


Despite two decades of email and social media marketing, and living through the worst pandemic since the great depression, catalog mailings are more essential than ever.

After Covid-19 Catalogs

With the long days at a computer, zoom meetings, and phone calls, consumers are surprisingly enthusiastic about receiving catalogs. The effects are not just confined to digital laggards who do not go online. In fact, there’s evidence that Millennial's are particularly interested in receiving catalogs in the mail.

Your catalog cover must grab the attention and convince them to put down there electronic device to see what’s inside. Focus on creating a powerful catalog cover design, one that excites the customer’s interest and helps enhance the overall impression of your company.

PURLs (Personalized URLs or Landing Pages)

Consider adding a PURL or landing page to specific high margin product so when a  customer decides to type the address into their browser to visit, thereby registering a “conversion” for marketing metric purposes. This will also allow you to call or email the client to close the sales cycle before they change their mind.

PURLs allow you to place special identifiers on your visitors through code so they will be easily identifiable as having come from the catalog that they received from your business after Covid-19.

Direct Mail

COVID-19 has affected much more than just our health and routines. It’s likely that you’re concerned on how your small business will fare financially after reopening. Direct Mail is your answer…

EDDM After Covid-19

Full-service EDDM® and Direct Mail can help you reach customers after Covid-19 during a time when they’re working home. Creating a Direct Mail or EDDM® marketing campaign can be one of the most effective ways to get your company’s message in front of current and new customers without exhausting your marketing budget. Start by choosing between two mailing options; Direct Mail or EDDM.

Direct Mail for B2B Business:

This campaign focuses on demographics. Use an existing client list or purchase a select mailing list. It’s common knowledge that your target audience for B2B direct mail is another company. Here’s what to do next to drive a profitable direct mail campaign:

  • First, select a specific market to focus on and create your ideal customer profile based on their needs and expectations.
  • Next, narrow down your client list to a target and collect the relevant information about them. Name, Title, and Address
  • Process all this data to create a customized mail piece. Always be sure to include a call to action to nudge the decision-maker to contact you so you increase your response rates. For a more professional look, you can use a local graphic designer or marketing company.

Every Door Direct Mail® for B2C:

Developed by the USPS®, this service is best for businesses that want to use geo-targeting. Use Every Door Direct Mail® services to promote your small business in your local community about an upcoming promotion. EDDM®, allows businesses to target consumers based on their zip codes and USPS® mailing routes allowing you to mail directly within a certain location. Postage is as low as $0.1675 to $0.191 per piece for an oversized postcard piece.

What kinds of businesses should use EDDM Mailers?

While many businesses get the best results from a targeted mailing list, others do well with a saturation mailing that hits every residence in their area. Some of the industries that can benefit from EDDM are:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Salons and spas
  • Dentists
  • Gyms
  • Auto repair

Marketing is not dead, for Business After Covid-19 but a critical role in recovery

One thing is clear: business in the post-COVID-19 era will have to rethink what print marketing methods they really need, and which ones can help them transform their businesses into one of the most sophisticated turnaround efforts we’ve ever seen.

Print marketing it will help with recovery of your sales, therefore, be considered “essential” after Covid-19. The rest of tech-driven promises that never delivered true Marketing ROI will soon become outdated.