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Brochure Design Tips from the experts

Simple steps to follow to build a better brochure

Brochures are one of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal. Remember you have complete control in making your brochures work harder for your business and get the most from your marketing investment.  Follow these guidelines from marketing professionals to get the most from your brochure design.

Keep your message focused.

A brochure delivers a selling message. Whatever it is you have to say about your product, remember to clearly explain the benefits it offers to your customers. Make sure to highlight the points of differentiation. Plus, use every opportunity to encourage your customers to communicate with you further and always keep your target audience foremost in your mind.

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Words and images work together.

Carefully balance the amount of text with visual impact of the images in the design of the brochure. Maintain consistency in color, style and tone with other marketing tools from the same brand.  Clarity and simplicity of the message are vitally important, particularly as the product/service become more complex.  Strive to make looking at and reading the brochure interesting and enjoyable, beginning with an attention-getting front cover.

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Color, size, shape and delivery.

Depending on your target audience, using specific colors and shapes can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your brochure.  Size is important too so make sure you leave enough space for your design. Take a strong look at competitor’s brochures to determine if a unique size would help your brochure stand out. Finally, figure out early on in the production process how the brochure will be delivered to the customer (mailed, handed out, or grouped with other materials?). Delivery can have a major impact on design options.

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Talk with your printer.

The right printer can help you realize the most from your design as well as giving you the right price and delivery schedule. As much information as you can gather before you start your brochure design will help you plan effectively and get the best results. A conversation with your printer may open up many new options you hadn’t considered.