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November 17, 2015 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Bookmark Printing is Effective When Used as Corporate Giveaways

Bookmarks are quite effective when used as promotional items. They are especially effective for the avid readers who would find them a practical means of learning about products and services. For businesses, bookmark printing is a good way to keep their brands and products in the minds of their customers. The bookmarks are commonly used as corporate giveaways at events or stuffed in with the invoice as a thank you.

Rochester companies can have their brands printed on one side or both sides.Rochester bookmark printing Handing out bookmarks for marketing purposes to capture the attention of the readers. They make very powerful advertising tools when used in promoting products, services and a new book. Bookmarks are particularly advantageous because customers can keep them for a longer duration of time. Bookmark printing can also be used for other purposes such as coupons, discounts, calendars and even event ticket. If they are designed properly they will not be disposed of and be used for a very long time.

If your business is planning on using bookmarks as a giveaway make sure to have a powerful call to action. Try featuring a sale on a top product or service that you offer. You may want to consider adding a promo code for your website so you can track if the campaign is successful.

How to get the most out of marketing with bookmarks.

To get the most from bookmark marketing, it is important to have a trusted printing service that guarantees you excellent quality. Rochester businesses can choose from multiple printing sizes to suit their needs such as 2” x 6” and 2” x 8”. Business should design their bookmarks to leave a lasting impression on their customers. Always be sure to apply your own unique messages that will be sure to keep your business in mind.

Our Rochester bookmark printing service allows you to choose from multiple applications. Additionally we offer various papers surfaces, uv coating, rounded corners and one hole drilling. You can save yourself money by using a free bookmark design template available online from in our template gallery. There is also a massive array of impressive templates that users can choose from if you are out of time.