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Statement Stuffer Printing

Statement Stuffer Printing

Use Statement Stuffers to promote and cross-sell your products

The next time you are getting ready to send statements out to your customers consider some slipping a statement stuffer inside each envelope with upcoming specials and promotions. Buck slips are an affordable way to increase sales without adding postage expenses by inserting them with any correspondence, including estimates, or invoice statements. While most of your marketing budget goes towards acquiring new customers, it is essential to maintain the ones you already have. These little inserts are a great way to keep your customers up to date with new products and services and encourage reorders.

Statement stuffers can also be used as box inserts or thank you notes that you can place in the product box or shopping bag. Give your clients a reason to come back and use your product and services. Full color statement stuffer printing from Just Press Print will help you cost-effectively cross-sell high profit products and services, attract new customers and get more from your existing customer relationships. Our statement stuffers come in one size and we offer multiple paper substrates to give it the feel you need.

Statement Stuffer Printing Business tip

Most importantly you want to introduce your products or services to a whole new audience? Try use a cross marketing statement stuffers with a non-competitive business that is about your size. It’s a highly cost effective way to approach a new customer base.

Paper Choices

Therefore your statement stuffer’s are sure to impress your clients when you print them on one of these high-quality paper stocks. For example we offer multiple light weight option to accommodate the style of your sheet. If you are not sure of what substrate is right for your stuffer feel free to request to see some different paper choice from our printing team.

60 Lb. Uncoated Text: Uncoated with recycled content that is will still give you a great looking stuffer sheet with non-glossy finish.

80 Lb. or 100 Lb. Gloss Text: Full-bodied perfect for statement stuffers, coated with a glossy finish for better reflectivity and durability. Well suited for printing brochures, catalogs and flyers.

Finishing Choices

Shrink Wrap stuffers in packages of 50’s and 100’s to save time of counting when mailing

Download Statement Stuffer Templates

At the current time our statement suffers only come in one standard size. You can download a template in either EPS or JPG format to help with your layout and design:

3.5×8.5″ Statement Stuffer Download statement stuffer printing EPS Rochester statement stuffer printing Download JPG

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Statement Stuffers