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Tell Your Story by Self Publishing

Self publishing books is easy nowadays compared to the past. As a matter of fact you can easily turn your long hours of writing, editing and expertise and retain all the writes to your book.

There are many authors self-publishing and enjoying the rewards of retaining the rights to their books. If you feel you are up to the challenge you should start here.

Just Press Print provides scalable self-publishing services that meet the needs of individual authors. Since our print on demand capabilities enable cost-effective short runs of books, and journals for use by businesses, academic institutions and organizations. We even publish books for small publishing companies, and individuals creating personal histories and family keepsakes. Self publishing is easy when you print on demand with Just Press Print.


Self-Publishing Business Tips:

Here are a few things that the major self publishing houses don’t want you to know:

  • When you self-publish you retain all the rights to your book. As a result that means you can print on demand as many copies as you like, plus revise, edit and re-print your book any time and any way you want.
  • You control pricing when you self-publish. You also control the marketing and sales of your book. Ultimately, you control the profitability. That’s only fair, after all it is your published book!
  • You control the content of your book. You’ll never have to answer to an editor (other than yourself) when self-publishing. Your ideas and your creativity is what will end up in print.

Paper Choices

Therefore your published book will impress your readers by printing on one of our high-quality paper stocks. We offer multiple paper weights on both the cover and the text of your book. If you need a sample of the paper prior to printing your next title please give one of our print specialists a call and we will be happy to send you out a free sample or you can pick it up at our Rochester facility.

Text Paper Choices

80 lb. Gloss/Matte Text

100 lb. Gloss/Matte Text

Cover Paper Choices

80 lb. Gloss/Matte Cover

100 lb Gloss/Matte Cover

Finishing Choices

Your finished book will truly look great when you choose one of our binding options. We offer the standard soft cover perfect bind method or for a real high quality look you can choose our hard cover case bound books.

Download Book Templates

Just Press Print provides scalable publishing services that meet the needs of individual authors. Our print on demand capabilities enable cost-effective short runs of books, reports, white papers, and journals.

Our book templates come in five sizes. The EPS and JPG files are designed to help you build your book’s front and back covers.

5×8″ Pocket Size self publishing Download EPS Download self publishing JPG
6×9″ Trade Size self publishing service Download EPS Download self publishing service JPG
7×7″ Small Square print on demand Download EPS Download print on demand JPG
8×10″ Standard Portrait Download EPS Download JPG
8.5×8.5″ Large Square Download EPS Download JPG


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