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Rochester Postcard Printing

Postcard printing provides a cost-effective tool for your business!

Just Press Print’s postcard printing service provides a cost-effective tool for your business, to generate leads, or promote a new product. An effective campaign begins with the right postcard, above all with the printer that knows how to deliver them.

Over the years this marketing tool has drastically changed. As a result, postcards are now more powerful in delivering your message. Technology has contributed to this marketing strategy’s rapid change. Most noteworthy, both small and large Rochester businesses are investing heavily in printing postcards to their contact lists. In addition, with mailing to current contact lists business are now turning their focus to every door direct mail or are experimenting with variable data to reach clients using personalized postcards. Therefore, if this method has sparked your interest give one of our experts at Just Press Print a call to better assist you.


Mailers & postcard printing business tip:

You only have an instant to capture your prospect’s attention with a postcard. Therefore, when choosing a design for your postcards, it’s important to  make sure your message is very clear and appears on both sides of the card.

Paper Choices

Furthermore, the quality of paper has improved and we offer different choices of paper quality, for example glossy or matte finish. However, we only offer one weight on this product online at the time, it is the industry standard. If you are looking for something on a heaver paper weight, please look at our club flyer product option.

100 Lb. Gloss Cover: Most noteworthy, this is a heavy-weight stock that is durable and perfect for that heavy feel. In addition, to the heavy feel it has a glossy finish for vibrant color printing and better protection. 100 lb. cover is also excellent for door hangers, and business cards too.


Mailing Options

By all means have us address and mail your postcards directly to your clients to save yourself some time. But if you would prefer to just have them addressed so you can send them out slowly we also offer that option too.

Download Postcard Templates

Currently at the present time we offer postcards in 3 different sizes. You can download templates for any of these products in either EPS or JPG format:

4×6″ Standard Postcard Download postcards EPS postcard printing Download JPG
5.5×8.5″ Medium Postcard Download EPS Rochester postcard printing template JPG
6×11″ Large Postcard Download EPS Download JPG


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