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Bookmark Printing

Custom Bookmark Printing is great to Advertise Your Business

Bookmark printing is a unique way to help you advertise your business, products, and services. Indeed when you print bookmarks they will act as a miniature billboard to market your products or business. Ultimately these full-color custom bookmarks are printed on durable, ultra-thick card stock for long-lasting use as a unique marketing promotion. To use bookmark printing effectively, you need to begin with the design first. For example the more unique the design is, the likelier it is to attract the attention of your readers.

Use Bookmark Printing as a Marketing Tool

Before you can make your bookmarks an effective marketing tool you’ll have to make sure that the method you distribute them is effective. For instance start by giving them out to prospective readers. There are many avenues you can take, including issuing them with catalogs, on sales calls, and at trade shows you attend. Another option is to place the bookmark in the bag at the time of purchase as a thank you.


Bookmark business tip

Most importantly use printed bookmarks as elongated versions of your business card. Every time your client uses your bookmark to mark a page is another marketing impression your brand has made.

Paper Choices

Therefore, our bookmarks will impress your readers when you print on one of these high-quality cover stocks. We offer three choices of thick papers depending on your preference. If you would like to see a sample please to request to see the bookmarks on both paper choices. This product is always free of charge and you can even pick it up at our location.

12 PT Coated Two Sides: This is a sturdy card stock coated on both sides. Popularly used for printing posters, postcards, etc. You can opt for a High Gloss UV Coating on one or both sides of your bookmark.

12 PT Coated One Side: This is a sturdy card stock coated on only one side. Popularly used to print business cards, rack cards, etc. You can opt for a High Gloss UV Coating on one side only.

130 Lb. Uncoated Cover: Our uncoated premium paper is known for its elegant finish, sharp color reproduction and unmatched environmental specifications. This paper does not accept UV coating.

Finishing Choices

Hole Drilling: At your request, we can punch holes at the top this printing product. Therefore, choose the size of the hole diameter that you’d like to have. Typical diameters are 5/16″ and 1/4″.

Rounded Corners: Eliminate sharp edges by rounding the corners. This also gives your final printed bookmark a polished look you customers will appreciate.

Download Bookmark Templates

Our standard bookmarks print in 2 sizes: 2×6 and the larger 2×8 size. You can download templates for both sizes in either EPS or JPG format:

2×6 Bookmark Download EPS Bookmark printing Rochester Download JPG
2×8 Bookmark Bookmarks Download EPS Download Bookmarks JPG


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