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Booklet Printng

Booklet Printing

Use Booklet Printing Services to Impress Your Clients

Booklet printing truly gives your business critical marketing tools that will deliver the specifications and features of your products and services. Even with the fast evolution of the digital technology nowadays,  your customers will still demand for something printed like manuals and booklets. These mainly serve as reference and guide of your products. It is important to realize to set standards and gather simplified yet creative ideas for the printed booklet. Keep in mind that booklets are normally printed in four page groups when saddle stitching. As you create your rough layout for the catalog, always keep your page count in multiples of four.

Booklet Sizes:

At the present time our printed booklets come in multiple sizes and page counts. Our team of printing experts can help you select the right options to fit your specific business needs and your budget. Just Press Print’s standard booklets comes in 2 sizes: 8.5×11 and the smaller size of 8.5×5.5.  At the current time the page count we offer for online booklet printing are only available from 8 to 48 pages. From time to time your booklet printing may require a higher page count or different size. You can request a custom quote from us and one of our team will get back to you promptly by email. If you would like to discuss the project face to face or over the phone that option is always available. We offer small quantities starting from 25 booklets so you can test market it before printing a larger run.

Booklet Printing Business Tip:

Here are few criteria that should be considered in your next design.

  • Appearance (Keep your brand consistent)
  • Context/Theme – ( Season , Age , Concept )
  • Volume (pages length, fonts and sizes)
  • Images / Pictures
  • Material (Paper quality) (Glossy Coated, uncoated, Dull/ Matte, )
  • Message (Inspirational / Motivational, Technical

When producing booklets remember to show your products in use and in context whenever you can. Offer your readers suggestions within the catalog on how your products can improve their business.

Paper Choices:

Your booklet content will impress your clients when you print on one of these high-quality paper stocks. We offer multiple paper weights on both the cover and the text of the booklet. If you are not sure of what paper is right for your booklet feel free to order one of our free sample booklets and request to see some different paper choices. This product is free of charge just pay the shipping.

Text Paper Choices

60lb. Uncoated Paper

80 lb. Gloss/Matte Text

100 lb. Gloss/Matte Text

Cover Paper Choices

80 lb. Gloss/Matte Cover

100 lb Gloss/Matte Cover

Finishing Choices:

Hole Drilling: At your request, we can punch holes on the spine of your booklet. Choose the size of the 3 -holes diameter that you’d like to have. Typical diameters are 5/16″ and 1/4″.

Wire Binding: Give your booklet a different look by adding a black or silver double loop coil so the booklet way lay flat when the pages are open.

Download Booklet Templates:

Our standard booklet printing prints in 2 sizes: 8.5×11 and the smaller 8.5×5.5 size. You can download templates for both booklet sizes in either EPS or JPG format:

5.5×8.5 Booklet Download booklet template EPS Download booklets JPG
8.5×11 Booklet Download your booklets EPS Booklet printing Rochester Download JPG


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