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Print Event Tickets to Keep Your Next Event Secure

Updated on October 27, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Organizing a concert or a party seems to be a really overwhelming task. And if there is no thorough planning and organization, it may turn out to be a mess. No matter how small or big an event may be, if it involves a number of people, security should be placed on top of the list. One way or the other, you will still have to ensure the safety of the guests and the profit of the event at the same time. So, this is why event tickets are highly recommended, efficient and customizable for the security set up functions.

Consequences of these unsecured performances will be more costly than investing on the right security measures. To start with the planning, tickets are generated. It is said to be the most efficient way to prevent ticket fraud or trespassers invading your event. These trespassers may sometimes be the cause of possible riots and conflicts. You should also never laugh about possible terrorist threat. There are also people who trespass just to rob or steal things from the guests and visitors. So, this is how important ticket security is.

Event Ticket Security Options

These event tickets may not work alone. There are people who will still try to find a way to break into your shows, like printing replicas and copies of the tickets and admission slips. And to prevent all these, there is a list of the latest security features that can be added for the protection of these tickets. These features are now being offered and included in the event ticket printing services. Here are some of these added features:

Serial Numbers and Barcodes

It is best to put up a unique set up of numbers and codes on the two parts the stubs (if detachable). This is to determine the presence of a particular guest, identify the number of people expected to still arrive and to recognize the availability of the slots. It would not just help you in security, but also with the guests' organization. There is a known code format called CODE 93 that can be scanned through a bar scanner available, especially if you are to utilize computers and laser gadgets for the affair.


A watermark is sometimes obvious or vague. But its main purpose this time is not just for branding but also to identify counterfeits from the real ones. So, it may be advisable to have the watermark placed where it is not easily detected. There are travel scanners that should be able to complement to this feature to take the security level at a higher notch. This is advisable for larger activities and concerts. It can also somehow be an option for cheap event tickets if you are to order large volume or package of the tickets.

Embossed Prints

There are embossed prints that cannot easily be reproduced. Many times, imitating this kind of ticket or stub is costly if one doesn't have the right printer or tool. This kind of feature is simpler than the other features but still can add security to your event tickets. With dimensional clear ink printers can create a raised logo on your ticket to ensure that bootleggers cannot just photo copy it.

Heat-Sensitive Paper/Print Source

You may also consider printers that use heat to verify the authenticity of the ticket. The ink used is highly sensitive to heat in printing receipts. To identify if the voucher is genuine, the ink turns to yellow and then goes back to its original color when cooled. The people responsible in the security may take advantage of this and may check tickets subtly. So this will not be a problem to sensitive and cautious guests when checking for their identity.

Printing event tickets is said to be the most popular security solutions for a wider variety of venues. The features presented above are extremely difficult to counterfeit. There are unique programs and set up that are placed on the tickets, so you are assured that you are getting your event with the security that you expect. Plus, it is customizable, so with the help of a good event ticket printing company, you may be able to share your own idea and style for the layout of your ticket.

There are different choices of printers and tools that you may get to have these features to your tickets. You may check for different alternatives in the Just Press Print resources section to see what best suits your needs. It is always fulfilling to know that you are setting up a successful and safe environment for you guests. You may not just imagine it. You can actually make it into a reality by adding these significant security tweaks and measures for an affordable cost that will keep your guests safe and your profits secure.

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