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How Statement Stuffers can Increase your Business

Updated on December 12, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Statement stuffers are a great way to boost your business. These little inserts are secret to highly successful business yet more often than not, their significance is undermined. Stuffers are tools to advertise your business and services without the headache of spending a lot of your hard-earned money for printing and postage. These little inserts can actually bring about big benefits because businesses can maximize their revenues at minimum cost for advertisements and promotions. Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, statement stuffers can be a great avenue for you to communicate with your loyal clients and entice them to reorder. They are also effective tools to maintain contact with new clients and turn them into one of your loyal patrons.

Offer Gifts to Loyal Clients

There are many ways to use statement stuffers to increase your business. You can make your loyal clients feel special by sending out inserts along with your usual publications of your company that entitle them to discounts. These little gifts can send out the message that your company is a professional one that keeps client-satisfaction at the highest of priorities. You can also inform your loyal customers on special offers and promotions that they can avail if they continue trusting and patronizing your business and services. You also have the option of posting in advance your specials for the month. This way, your clients remain updated of the new services that your company offers. To add, billing usually draws out a frown from a client. But, you can make your clients smile if they see the offers and promotions attached to their billing through these tiny gifts. In a way, statement stuffers also announce the professionalism of your company.

Up-Sell New Products and Services

It is important to expand your market. But it is also very crucial to maintain a solid base of loyal clientele which will ensure the steady flow of revenues and profits into your business. And getting the trust, respect and loyalty of your clients is key to ensuring you have a base to up-sell additional or new products and services. Another one of the many ways to use statement stuffers is to serve the purpose of introducing new products or upgraded services to your loyal clients. Since they already trust your company with the services and products you have previously offered, they are sure to try out your new offers once they get your small ads.

Advertise and Captivate New Markets

Marketing with statement stuffers offers the opportunity to do mass advertisement to expand your market and captivate new customers. You can print a bulk of these small ads and ask friends in the business community to help you in distributing your stuffers. These little ads are small yet formidable because designed attractively and professionally, statement stuffers can easily capture the attention of new markets. Professional statement stuffer printing services offer attractive print-outs with relevant information which can easily entice your new clients to take a glimpse of your stuffer in only a few seconds.

Your inserts are ideal for introducing your Rochester business to new clients by sending out stuffers with the name of your company, your company logo, a small detail about your business and the services and items that you offer. Your stuffers are also perfect for enticing new markets by sending out teasers about special promotions and offers. Since these print-outs are in hard copy, they can easily be passed on from one client to another.

Save on Printing Expenses

Marketing with statement stuffers saves you the time, human resource and expenses on the usual advertising methods. Most of your budget usually goes to advertisements and promotions that are expensive and targeted on new markets. Printing stuffers cost less than the full-sized ads. They measure smaller than the usual number 9 envelope yet can magnify your business many times. You can send out your advertisements without spending on extra postage. They also last long so your clients can save a copy in their wallets or drawers for future reference.

You can opt for pre-designed templates for your statement stuffers so you do not have to spend extra time and money on design and lay-out. You can also opt for customized templates to ensure originality and distinction from other companies especially competitors. Personalized digital printing is a good way to maintain the identity of your company. Choose from among the different designs and sizes depending on your preference. You also have the discretion of what content to place in your stuffer. Statement stuffer printing is truly a time-saving, cost-effective and efficient method to boost your Rochester business.



Statement stuffers increase business



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