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When Should You Consider Using Digital Printing?

Updated on November 6, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Services

Rochester Digital Printing ServicesLooking for some print perfection in your business? Digital printing is the sweet and superior way to meet your modern printing needs and increase your business' efficiency. Going digital is the latest iteration of the printing industry - an industry that has undergone tremendous transformation in the last few years. Digital printing is innovative, versatile and efficient and most of Rochester’s leading companies are now applying it in generating superior print output and maximizing business productivity

Modern black and white digital printing and even color presses make use of both the Ink jet and toner technology. The images are sent directly to the press, using digital files in formats such as PDF as well as Illustrator and InDesign for graphic design. The main advantage is that these eliminate offset presses and will end up saving you both money and time as you will not need an expensive lithography plate to accomplish this.

The fact that you do not need the aluminum plate also contributes to very fast turnaround times and allows for easier production for on demand jobs. There are no more large or predetermined runs to contend with. Instead, you can make small quote requests on from your Rochester printing service very precisely. You can even request a single print!

With digital color presses, it is possible for businesses to achieve several advantages, including increased personalization of the print product. This allows someone like you a degree of control in the minutest details of printing, along with faster turnaround times, and thus in congruence with the demand of the 21st century business environment. Today, data travels at the “speed of light” and more robust technologies are needed to keep pace both with competitors and the fast pace of business.

There is another aspect of the digital mode of printing technology and equipment that makes it highly suitable for modern printing needs. With these digital production color presses from Kodak, it will be possible for you to satisfy the highly demanding quality requirements necessary for the modern marketing environment, thanks to the rapidly improving technologies by the press manufactures.

Why Printing is such big business

The need for documentation is one that is an integral part of human civilization. We need to record every bit of transaction because the human brain is not very good at maintaining memory. Records offer us points of reference.

With a global population of 7 billion and millions of businesses around the world employing billions of people, some 50 trillion pages are bring printed worldwide with the use of printing technologies. But of this massive volume, only 2% consists of digital printing.

For your business, this makes the opportunity for digital printing services and the possibility for scaling up one that is quite unmistakable. The need for pages that are digitally printed is projected to grow tremendously in the next few years as businesses realize digital printing's advantages.

When Should You Use Digital Printing Services?

Use Digital PrintingJust In Time Printing. Going digital when it comes to your business printing needs can of course lead to lots of efficiencies and process improvements in the business; this leads to an increase in productivity and boost in the business bottom-line.

There is greater quality in the printed material and it is also delivered at a breakneck speed. For Rochester printers deploying these advanced techniques, this means less downtimes and more work accomplished within the shortest time possible. Producing your material digitally means that you are able to meet even the most demanding of deadlines and work seamlessly in even the most hectic schedules.

Whether you are struggling with last minute conferences, sales presentations, trade shows and some events and these need a last-minute printing for your promotional flyers or brochures, using our Rochester digital printing service will help you get the work done.

Just Enough Printing. With the digital production platform, you can enjoy low cost of reproduction even when you are producing only a few pieces. You do not have to leverage economies of scale to cut on your costs. You will be able to print just the right amount of materials that you need. Why print more than you need just because you want to save on costs? Producing print digitally eliminates that old offset production problem so you no longer need to order 100,000 copies of anything. Print just 100 copies if that’s all you need. This will come particularly handy when you are trying to test market a new product or marketing idea before the actual large scale offset printing.

Highly Customizable Printing Materials. Whether you are using color or the black and white pages, one advantage that this type of technology creates is the ability to generate personalized and customized printed products based on your preference. This is made possible with the help of Variable Data printing.

Variable data means changing and/or improving text or graphic images from one printed piece to another to target your client based on the products or services they are ordering from you without slowing down the whole printing process is easy and highly possible. This allows last minute changes or variations accessible for users. Along with the customizable features, it also provides users huge array of color palettes thus bringing creativity to its full potential.

Lesser Marketing Costs. Since it is now easy and achievable to have minimal number of pieces to print, there is a much lesser chance for marketing failures. Users can make great savings on their print marketing budgets due to the high level of precision offered by digital printing techniques.

The paper materials used for digital production color presses are affordable and are now highly available all over the place. This is because it is now utilized and patronized by most advertisers and printing service providers. Whether you need Black and White or are using color digital printing, there will be a great difference in costs and expenses, most especially in upfront make ready and paper costs.

Digital Printing Sample Products

Print ProductsThe use of digital production color presses is like adding life to your next printed material. Taking advantage of the capability of such innovation will provide better printing results and a lower marketing budget. Below are some cost effective example items that could be printed digitally from Just Press Print:

Personal Use: You can use this option if you need a few copies on your prints for personal use. Whether for school projects and papers, posters for room decorations and family occasions, or gifts for holidays like greeting cards and photo books this method is perfect for you.

Product Media and Copyright: This technology can be used in the reproduction of booklets, books, newsletters, and brochures amongst others. These may sometimes require large volume of prints so it is an advantage if you need fast printing.

Business Needs/Packaging: These may include applications such as the printing of business cards, office letterheads, presentation folders and even envelopes for company letters and business meetings. Products of the company that need labels, product tags or even a custom box to brand there materials.

Event Promotion: Use this application for a cost effective way to promote an upcoming event with the use of flyers, door hangers, event tickets and event posters

Invitations: Examples of this application are for occasions such as special event fund raisers, birthday parties, baptismal, wedding and anniversary invites amongst others.




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