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January 15, 2015 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Maximize Revenue Using Statement Stuffers to Re-Target Clients

Statement Stuffer IdeasAt its most basic level, the aim of any business is simple – to make money. There are many different strategies that a business can employ to increase its revenue and maximize the profit it makes from its customers. A  effective strategy for increasing a business’ revenue is the use of what is known as a statement stuffer.

It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are running. Have you ever sent something to your clients for example, parcels containing invoices for services rendered? Then you have the scope to increase your revenue by using statement stuffers effectively. Businesses all around the world, from banks to online shopping sites all employ the use of statement stuffers.  Any business that has not started using statement stuffers is missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve their marketing reach. You can re-target existing clients and increase your business’ revenue without having to pay additional postage costs.

What are statement stuffers

Statement stuffers typically take the form of brochure or inserts that are included in the envelope when a business sends a customer an invoice. They may also take the form of additional marketing material included in a shipping box when an online retailer sends a purchase to a customer. Marketing using this method is highly effective as they typically promote a similar product to the one the customer is already interested in or has already purchased. The customer has already shown their interest in the good or service that they have purchased and may already is inclined to purchase the one that your statement stuffer is offering. Seeing an easily available offer included with their invoice or their purchase may be just the thing that they need to tip them over the edge and cause them to buy it.  Instant profit for your company!

Another benefit of marketing using statement stuffers is that they are less likely to be ignored or immediately thrown away because they accompany something that the recipient considers important. Statement stuffers may also take the form of coupons for a customer’s next purchase, “special offers” for the businesses other products that have a higher profit margin, or even just details of other upcoming promotions that the business is running. Whatever the form of your bill stuffer, the most important thing is that you keep your company’s name in the forefront of people’s minds. Returning customers and recurring clients are what keep a business ticking. So if you can re-target your existing customers with every purchase they make, why not? Maximize the value of that postage stamp and get your additional marketing material in that envelope or parcel!

Your Printing PartnerLarge volumes of statement stuffers

On a more practical level, any business that uses them will find them with the need to print a large volume of stuffers. Therefore, many businesses often find themselves in the market for statement stuffer printing services. There are a number of things that a business should remember when they’re on the hunt for the appropriate printing partner:

Firstly, you will be printing a lot of stuffers, and as increasing your profits is foremost on your mind, you should be sure to find a printer who will print a lot of stuffers for you at a reasonable price.

Secondly, you will have to think about what sort of conditions your statement stuffers will have to endure. Mail can sometimes get wet if it sits in a mailbox for too long in inclement weather, and the last thing you want is for your customer to open up their envelope to find a soggy piece of paper inside. If this is something that you think may happen to your correspondence, consider getting your project printed on higher quality paper, maybe with a water-resistant glossy coating. On the other hand, stuffers placed inside parcels are better protected from the elements and may therefore be made of less hardy paper.

Finally but certainly not least, consider what your statement stuffer will look like. Although they cost very little, they should be considered just as valuable as any other piece of marketing that your business puts out. They should be eye-catching without being obnoxious and always be compelling. To paraphrase The Godfather, make them an offer that they can’t refuse. Remember that the people seeing the printed marketing piece are your existing customers and therefore already have some degree of buy-in to your product. While this is not what will form a first impression of your business, you want your customers to be reassured that they have made the right choice in purchasing from you.

Anything that solidifies your existing customer base while simultaneously encouraging them to spread the good word and bring in new customers through word of mouth is invaluable. By getting your existing customers to talk about the products that you’re offering, your business is benefiting from free advertising.

No matter which of the printing services that you end up going with, be sure that they offer you the right balance of value and quality. It is no use having very cheap statement stuffers that look terrible. At the same time, it is equally not useful to have fancy, eye-catching marketing if the cost of them is eating in your profits. Businesses which are using this method to re-target clients should not be afraid of experimenting until they find the right balance.

Ultimately, it is one thing to grow your business by acquiring new customers, but it’s a whole different ball game keeping them coming back. Using statement stuffers effectively to market to your existing consumer base is an easy and relatively cheap method of maximizing your business’ revenue. Remember that every delivery that your business makes to a customer that does not include one of these stuffers inside is a missed opportunity to make another sale, and that is basically just wasted money.