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October 3, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Market Your Rochester Business Using Flyers

Rochester Flyer Printing ServicesFlyer printing is an inexpensive, yet effective way of marketing a business. Event flyers are easier to use as you can embrace different styles when distributing them such as passing them out. Other effective ways can be mailing them, and even putting them on a shopping bag. Most Rochester flyer printing services offer multiple sizes of flyers. The standard size makes it very comfortable to carry around as it can easily fit into a pocket and a wallet.

This basic marketing low-tech method in today’s society sounds old school, but it still produces excellent results! Nothing beats pounding the pavement, networking face to face, and getting the word out without draining your marketing budget. Some things to keep in mind when marketing with flyers are to distribute them in a place that will reach your target market and include a special promotion so you can easily track its effectiveness.

Designing a flyer

A well designed flyer must follow the natural flow of your eyes. A properly-designed flyer should carry information from left to right and from top to bottom. The most important information should be placed at the top left part of a flyer. Also you should incorporate a photo or two so the viewers have a better appreciation of the atmosphere you are promising. Avoid using difficult words and heavy texts that might labor people to read. You can break up long sentences and difficult ideas with numbers and bullet points. This enables a reader to scan for the most useful information.

An effective flyer should not have overlapped texts and illustrations as it reduces readability. It is also important to ensure that dark-colored texts are placed on a light-colored back ground to increase readability. An attractive club flyer should have eye-catching graphics and illustrations as well. Colors and images attract the eyes and thus, would act as an attraction for readers and a better chance that it will be read.

If you are looking for a local printer who prints flyers, you should try Rochester flyer printing services. Our print staff not only specialize in flyer printing, but we understand your flyers need to look their best. So choose us and get the results you need to enable you to concentrate on what is important for your business.