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How a smart promoter learned how to produce cheap event tickets

Cheap Event Ticket ideaEvent promotion is hard work, especially when you're on a tight budget-and who isn't these days? You can't afford to invest a fortune in ticket printing but you don't want the tickets to look like they belong at a local carnival either. It is time to get smart about cheap event ticket printing, and get high quality tickets at a great price that do not look like they were printed on the cheap! Our event marketing experts have some easy tips for you to follow to get great, but cheap event tickets.

Do the math for cheap event tickets

Talk to your printer about how much it will cost to produce good quality event tickets that are up to the standard of your event. The standard size event ticket is 2 inches by 5.5 inches, produced in either a horizontal or vertical layout. Printing on premium 12 Point gloss paper stock with a glossy finish on both sides gives the tickets a great visual appeal and also makes them feel good in the customers. Check to make sure your printer offers secure event ticket numbering in multiple ink colors and can provide perforated tear-off stubs if you need them.

The math is really pretty easy. If it costs only $2,000 or so to print 10,000 event tickets, your investment is pretty small and your opportunities to make money are pretty large. If you sold all 10,000 tickets at full face value at say $10 each, you would gross $100,000 from a $2,000 investment. If the tickets sold for $50 each, you would gross $500,000. And so on. But what if we could give you a way to make cheap event ticket printing even cheaper? How does free sound?

Sponsorship is the key to cheap event ticket printing

If you are marketing a popular event that is going to draw in thousands of consumers, chances are there is another business that wants the chance to market to your event-goers. If you can find a sponsor for your event tickets, you can essentially get your tickets for free. It is a simple deal: in exchange for covering the cost of your event ticket printing, the sponsor gets an ad or coupon on the back of each ticket. This is the single biggest key to getting cheap event tickets. And what is cheaper than free?

You have a captive audience at a popular event, so it won't be hard for you to find a sponsor among fast food restaurants, beverage companies, local and regional tourist attractions, department and convenience stores and any other businesses that can easily benefit from marketing to your event customers.

Looking for cheap event tickets has led you to even greater ways to maximize the profitability of your next event. Who knew you could increase your profit margin by finding unique ways to offset promotion and printing costs. High-quality tickets can become cheap event tickets when you put your mind to it, and are even more cost effective (like, sayÉfree) when you work out a deal with a sponsor that covers the cost of the printing.



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