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Why Catalog Printing is here to stay

Catalog Printing is here to stayOnline publications have changed the way we access information, read and create content. Although we heavily rely on the internet for information on services and products, ever wondered why catalogs are still mailed to people although they can easily use online marketing to reach out to their clients? Or why Rochester companies still need printing services for catalogs just to market their brand?

Here are reasons why businesses are still investing in Rochester catalog printing services and why most people are still subscribing.

Catalog prints are very tactile

People prefer printed content above everything else. A hard copy catalog can be kept closely and picked up anytime you want to go over the promos and deals. You don’t have to have internet to access the information. Now all you have to do is reach out to your book shelf of coffee table. Printing catalogs is the best way for ecommerce websites to keep their brand in front of customers when not online.

Catalogs are directed to a specific group of people

Unlike other marketing tools that focus on the masses, you are more likely to make sales when advertising through catalogs. Using images will also help in creating a powerful catalog that your clients will use. A catalog is also great to give to potential clients at sales meetings and seminars.

Save money on advertisement costs

Since you are printing for a specific group of people, you will save on your marketing budget because you are already aware of how many pieces you need. Now with the benefits of digital printing it allows you to test market your catalogs before printing large quantities. Another option is to design a few different catalogs and just print them on demand as you need them.

It is now easier to opt in or out of the mailing list

Unlike the old days when you had to mail, make a call, walk into a store or deal with a vendor just to ensure that you get your weekly catalogs or cancel it all together, these days you just need to subscribe/unsubscribe from the company’s website. If you have a smart phone you can save time by using one of their apps.

As you can see, catalogs are still needed and still very effective in marketing. Remember that your catalog is a selling tool and if you wait too long your competition will beat you to it. Your business does not need a large marketing budget to come across as a large big name brand. Make an order for your catalogs today by contacting Just Press Print, a reliable Rochester catalog printing services.