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Five Tips to Increase Sales Using Rack Cards

Updated on October 31, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Rack cards are promotional materials commonly found in hotels, restaurants, waiting areas and other places that receive significant foot traffic. The simplicity and size of rack cards make them one of the most compact, efficient and modest marketing tools to convey information into the hands of customers. The conventional size which is 4” x 9” isn't only perfect for quick display in traffic areas, but is also practical and handy.

Although there are no big secrets involved in any successful rack card line, there are few key issues that should always be considered – compelling graphics and remarkable message. When these are successfully achieved, you can certainly captivate any shopper's attention.

Here are five rack card marketing tips to boost your Rochester business and help you ward off drawbacks that lead to sluggish sales:

Target the Right Audience

In every business, the foundation of success lies on the customers. Have a clear idea who your highly-targeted audience is. Are you catering to young beach goers or vacationing families? Take note, no distinct card line appeals to everybody. Tailor your rack cards according to your audience's needs and desires to grab attention and get results.

Are you a restaurant geared towards attracting fine diners or a hotel appealing to traveling business people? No doubt, these crowds are likely to favor a rack card design suitable to their needs. That's why it is crucial to get clear with your concept.

Market research also helps – seek for neutral opinions from others on whether they would consider purchasing from your cards in terms of design, headlines, features and benefits.

Show off the Finest Features

The best rack card is always visually convincing, meaning it maximizes eye-catching colors and images. Use original or intriguing photos to entice shoppers to pull your card out for a closer look.

Since most racks are not designed to feature the entire front part of all the rack cards placed in them, oftentimes burying cards underneath another's, it is advisable to put a significant detail on the top portion – either your business logo, a colorful gripping headline or a striking photo.

While it is essential to fill the front part with important elements, crowding it with many images which you think are all necessary will only clutter the content. It is best to spotlight one attraction and sprinkle smaller photos or elements on the border, better yet put a tag indicating there are more photos on the back. This is one excellent strategy to encourage your target audience to pick the card up so that they can see what's on the back.

Sharply Define Your Content

Stating clearly the message you want to convey to your targeted consumers creates greater chances for your cards to be recognized and remembered. Limit the topic or headline in five words or less to efficiently focus the subject matter of your business.

Simplicity is the key to any topic you want customers to notice. A rack card doesn't have to be supplied with so many texts. A large, bold, straightforward headline with short descriptions on the front and a concise paragraph with few bulleted points at the back are enough.

A content specifically outlined to a particular type of audience is an effective method to create an impact and spread your message with rack cards. So much so, it's important not to give out too much information to your potential customers. Because there is always joy in discovery, leave something worth imagining enticing your consumers to purchase your product.

Engage in Rack Card Printing Services

Printed materials are time-proven tactics to impart your message to the public. They are an excellent way to reach well targeted consumers as well as bridge connections between printed marketing and online presence. Remember, quality rack card printing is equally important for the compelling message and eye-catching design.

Moreover, presentation plays a great factor on how a consumer will view your company. If you got a smart crisp-looking rack card, the same outlook goes to your business, but if your rack card seems to be shabby and poorly produced, then people are likely to view your services as such.

Never Forget the Basics and Special Offers

Make use of limited space left after you've filled the pages with photos and texts with important contact information. This includes your contact numbers, mailing addresses, a map of your shop if ever you have one, or a web address should you prefer an increased traffic to your website. By including all these indisputable pieces of information on your every single rack card, people can easily follow up and make a purchase of your products or services when they are ready.

QR codes and other promotions are great means as well to attract visitors and track your rack card sales rate. Include also special offers and advertise your new products with a rack card whenever necessary.

Five Rack Card Tips



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