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How Authors Benefit With Self-Publishing

Updated on November 18, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Are you looking to make a debut into the world of published authorship? Or better yet do you have a manuscript that has been rejected time and again by numerous traditional publishers? In that case, self-publishing could be your way to make yourself the published author you have dreamt of being. With the availability of the internet, it is more logical to be self-published since it is cheaper compared to traditional publishing and you are able to gain more revenue from the sale of your book. Self-publishing is really flexible since you have the liberty to print your books on demand. As an author, you should consider looking for self-publishing services since they will benefit you in the following ways.

Higher royalty rate percentage: Self-published books provide more than 35 per cent in royalties compared to traditionally published books which mostly give 20 per cent or less in royalties. This is to show you that as would be self-published author, you are going to make more money from your self-published book.

Ease of getting the books to readers: As an author, your volumes are going to be easily found on the internet. This is in contrast to having it published traditionally since the publisher has ultimate control over the distribution of your new release. If your books are easily accessible to the readers, you are highly likely to sell more and even earn a greater amount of money from your self-published book.

You call the shots at everything: As the author of a self-published book you have the authority to control everything pertaining to your book. The content, cover and even the marketing of your title are self-controlled. You can be sure that your vision will appear the way you want it to be.

Unlimited book shelf life: Self-publishing is normally done on the internet. The manuscript gets printed only when there is someone who needs it in hard copy. In electronic format it is guaranteed to stay on sale forever compared to a traditionally published paperback which has a shelf life of one to two months.

You can control the costs of publishing: By having your book self-published you can control the costs since you do not have to do the printing in bulk as you would with the traditional publishers. Self-publishing enables you to print copies only when there is demand. Printing a self -published book is much more economical since you do not have to print too many copies that you do not need. It is also much cheaper to do self- publishing depending on the printing sites you use to publish.

Printing on demand

This is the phenomenon whereby a self-published author decides to print copies of his/her book when the need arises. It is very advantageous compared to conventional printing of books since it is cheaper and helps one avoid situations where so many printed copies remain unsold. The pros to printing on demand:

You can maintain availability: Printing on demand helps you keep your book in stock. Conventional publishing requires a book to be printed at a certain time and fixed quantities are printed. After the conventionally published book is out of stock, it can be hard to get another copy since it takes time for the publishing company to request a reprint from the printer. With printing on demand you can print copies any time you desire enabling you to keep your title available at all times.

It is easier to manage uncertainty: As an author, your book may be a big hit during a certain season due to a number of factors. To ensure that you get the maximum amount of money from your book at this time you can print on demand so that you can have an appropriate number on hand. When the peak season is over, most probably, all the books will have been sold.

It is much cheaper to print on demand: When you print on demand you are more likely to use less cash since you print only the copies that you require. You are also sure that all the copies of the book you are printing are going to be sold since they have been requested for by potential clients. This is beneficial since you will not have unsold books.

You can make niche publications: Printing on demand can help you keep important publications on library shelves. As much as many people may have them, they are needed so that future generations can have access to these publications. Printing on demand makes it easier and more economical to have the books when they are required.

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