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CD Cover Printing

Try Printing CD Covers Professionally

CD cover printing will help you produce your own CDs or DVDs with attractive graphics and allow you to market your own title as professionally as a major recording label or movie studio. For business applications, our attractive CD sleeves are perfect for promotional uses when launching a new product, and are printed on heavyweight, glossy text or cover paper with your choice of up to three panels. The music industry is tough enough to get noticed that’s why it’s important to promote your band with a high quality CD cover. Get your disc the attention it deserves with great looking CD covers from Just Press Print.

CD cover printing business tip

Sometimes, in the effort to show creativity, important information can get left off or minimized on CD/DVD covers. Make sure all copyright information and contact information is clearly visible before you go to print!

Paper Choices

Your CD Cover content will impress your fans when you print on this high-quality paper stock. We only offer two weights on this product as it is industry standards.

100 Lb. Gloss Text: Full-bodied perfect for cd covers, coated with a glossy finish for better reflectivity and durability. Well suited for brochures, catalogs and flyers.

80 Lb. Gloss Cover: This is a heavy-weight stock that is durable and perfect for folding. It also has a glossy finish for vibrant color printing and better protection. This is an excellent paper choice for your next cd cover printing project.


Finishing Choices

Half Fold: A simple fold in half like a book cover, this folding option creates two panels on each side.

Tri-Fold: The most popular option, this classic brochure fold has three panels on each side.

Z-Fold: Also called an accordion, this option creates three panels on each side much like the tri-fold.

Roll-Fold: This is where the folding rolls inwards into itself.

Accordion-Fold: A simple zig-zag similar to the musical instrument, the accordion.

Download CD Cover Templates

Just Press Print offers CD Covers in single-panel or multi-panel designs. You can download templates for any of these CD covers in either EPS or JPG format:

4.75×4.75″ CD Front Cover Download EPS Download JPG
4.75×9.5″ CD 2-Panel Front Download EPS Download JPG


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CD Covers