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The Savvy Marketer Still Prefers Postcard Printing

Updated on November 25, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Wondering how to market your business without incurring lots of expenses? Postcard printing could be your way to increasing your customer base and also getting word out that you offer a certain service. Postcards can help you establish a niche within a certain market helping you get more clients and more sales. However, you need effective postcard printing services to ensure that the marketing idea will help potential clients recognize your brand, its products and its services. This will help you give your brand the much needed exposure.

Reasons to use postcards for marketing

They are affordable even for small businesses: printing postcards are an economical way to advertise your business but will go a long way in giving your business the marketing that it requires.

It is easy to track results using postcards: You are able to track the progress of your postcard campaign if you offer a certain discount on your services for those who bring back the postcard printing or add a promo code for them to use on your website. This helps you know how many people got the mailing and will be effective information for future marketing campaigns.

Postcards are versatile: There are various ways making it a good marketing tool. You can use it as a business card or even as a coupon to give potential customers information about your business. Since they are not very bulky, they can be inserted in checkout bags and can also be sale flyers left at the counter of your store.

It is an efficient branding technique: Quality postcards can help your brand get recognized by potential customers. If your design relays information about your company in an appropriate way, you can rest assured that more people will be interested in your services making your business a household name.

Testing is easy: To know whether this form of advertising is good for your concept you only need to print two hundred every door direct mail postcards. Depending on the potential client response you will choose whether to proceed with the balance of the printing campaign or change the design or concept.

You can be sure that your postcard will be read: Postcards are hard to ignore especially if they have a catchy product photo incorporated into the design. When your graphic designer puts together an efficient postcard mailing piece you can rest assure that all your ideas will be read and thus your effective marketing agenda will be fulfilled?

Postcards do not utilize lots of space: Since a postcard is not bulky it can fit anywhere from a purse to the pocket of your client blue jeans. Since carrying it is not a problem many marketers view it as a good way to make their services known to their potential customers.

What is in a attractive company marketing postcard?

It has a powerful, unique design: For purposes of marketing a business, postcards should be catchy enough and memorable. With the proper design and marketing idea they will make any potential client want to know more about the product or service offer. This will go a long way in ensuring that your business gets the much needed exposure in the market.

It is printed in full color: For purposes of professionalism postcards should be printed using the highest quality printing method. This assures the potential clients of the credibility of the business prompting them to make enquiries about it. Quality color printing goes a long way in helping your business get more customers.

It has a powerful call to action: The call to action is the first thing a potential customer will read the moment he gets the postcard. It should prompt him to continue to read more and act on the current offer. To ensure the reader is hooked on your postcard you have to ensure that the promotion is very interesting and not too long. Your message must be communicated appropriately through the slogan.

Its theme must be tailored to suit the audience you want to reach: Before you create postcards for marketing you have to determine the audience you are targeting. After determining your audience, you design the postcard according to their demographics. This will go a long way in helping you to make sure that your upcoming printing campaign is successful.

It should convince the audience to take action: An effective postcard should be persuasive enough to enable anyone reading it to act appropriately. The call to action must be skillfully placed in the postcard so that it is effective in convincing a potential customer to use your service or product.

It should be made using durable substrate: The paper that is used to print the postcards should be durable enough. Clients will always have it as reference material over a long period of time and in case they need your service, you can be sure they will contact you.

If you choose a Rochester printing service that incorporates all the above qualities to ensure your business is marketed effectively.

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