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Five Important Tips before Printing Your Menus

Updated on December 12, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

The restaurant menu is the first evidence of customer service thus an outstanding menu design speaks volumes to influence customer's purchase decision. The menu acts as a sales and marketing tool for the food and beverages provided as 100% of clients will read it; therefore, its educative and entertaining aspect is necessary attribute. Rochester’s Just Press Print is the best provider for printing menus that are tailor-made classy and attractive which you need for your business to get more sales revenue. With that in mind Just Press Print seeks to give you a clear outline on what you need to do before submitting menus for printing.

5 Tips to Consider Before Printing Menus

There is need to follow certain guidelines to create an outstanding menu design befitting customers' taste so as to perform better customer service. For a perfect menu design, the following five vital tips on printing menus have to be considered:

1. Determination of the Dimensions: This is the initial step in designing your expertly printed menu. Upon choosing the dimensions from options available it is necessary to consider customers' comfort in gripping and reading the menu. Menus may vary in the number of pages as some may be booklets and others simply come as handheld single-page. The size of the menu is determined by the type of outlook you choose and the number of recipes available in your restaurant.

With the dimensions in mind you have to choose the best papers for printing your menus that are durable, attractive and ever clean. For booklet menus, use of beautiful well designed paper covers is highly advisable to keep your menus well maintained.

2. Division of List of Options into various Sections: Space must be left at the top of the document to accommodate the company's name and logo for identification. The arrangement of all other sections must be in a clear and concise structure that guides the customers well to initiate persuasion to buy. Meanwhile, the restaurant name and logo must have a uniform balance with the entire menu in aspects of size and appearance. Balancing all the elements makes your menus look beautiful.

3. Creation of Graphics for the Menu: Choice of good catchy color scheme to be used within and around the pages must be well selected. Bright or striking colors or even pleasant contrasts must be chosen for easier reading by customers and to attract their viewing of the menu as colors have a key role to create interest in the reader. Use of colored words and some highlighted boxes or any other creative twist attracts the attention of the customers to view that particular element.

4. Selection of the Font: The type of establishment in which the menu will be used is a key factor to determine the type of font one should choose as various establishments have differing design concepts. For example the font types for a barbeque place are not identical to the one of a modern restaurant. The used fonts and text sizes must be conventional with the entire menu in size, order and appearance.

5. Arrangement of Food Items with Prices: This is the last but not least step before printing menus and plays a major role in a customer's final decision. It is highly recommendable to arrange the food items concurrently with their individual prices to make it easy for the customer to read and saves time in making their choice of meals. You can also go an extra mile by providing a simple explanation for delicacies which different customers may not be well acquainted with.

The number of columns used makes a statement of intent to the customers: choice of single or multiple column menus can depend on the target customers to be served; for example, for family-oriented menus multiple columns are advisable as they would buy varieties. Placement of your restaurant meals creates a visual appeal to your clients thus you must creatively arrange them in a professional order.

NOTE: There are other things that you can do to maximize your creative space in the menu. Creative elements like "fun health facts" can be added, as well as pleasant images of recipes used as watermark background can be possible. It is really up to you and you may collaborate with people from Just Press Print.

After all the above tips are put into consideration to come up with perfect design layouts, Just Press Print will always be ready to provide the necessary menu printing services. Best scintillating and professional menus are the ultimate weapon you need to get your customers buying.

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