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Letterhead Printing is still the trademark it has always been

Updated on November 20, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Letterheads can be the first interaction a customer may have with a company. It is therefore a business duty to ensure that the stationary is memorable enough to convince the potential customer to actually want to be associated with the company. To create memorable letterheads, you need reliable letterhead printing services. Their printing expertise and experience in papers and graphic design will be essential in the creation of a professional company letterhead for your Rochester business.

Advantages of letterheads

To create an advantage with your business letterhead there are key factors that you need to consider prior to meeting with your local printing company.

Act as a market opportunity for brand engagement: Printing of a letterhead enables the company to stand out in the market. The better the design, the more people notice it which can be very beneficial for your brand in the long run.

Give credibility to the words on the page: A reliably designed letterhead normally gives the reader the confidence that the business from which the letter comes is credible enough. This can go a long way in creating client satisfaction and trust.

Reinforce brand identity: Human beings are visual creatures. They will always take note of any shapes or interesting designs before anything else. Having well designed letterheads is important since you are guaranteed of potential customers noticing your brand.

What is in an effective letterhead?

It is simple: A letterhead’s major purpose is to deliver a message about a certain company. It should introduce the contents of the letter printed. This should be achieved using an eye-catchy and memorable design. It should be simple enough to convey the message and be noticed at the same time.

Correct use of design software: There are many types of software one can use for designing. Examples are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. However, one should be careful so as to choose software that brings out the design in the best way possible after printing. This is to avoid cases of your fonts and colors not printing out the same way you see on your computer screen.

It has the right details: When designing your graphic designer has to decide the most important details that should appear in the letterhead. This is because the goal is to communicate important information effectively. The details should not be too many to make it too bulky and too few to make the piece inefficient in conveying the right message.

Information hierarchy: An efficient letterhead design has its information conveyed in a hierarchical form. The most important information is usually very visible while the less important information is put mostly in a reduced size at a less catchy part of the paper. This is beneficial in that all the required information is conveyed on the paper without compromising the design of the letterhead.

It should be an accurate representation of the brand: People find it easier to remember images. An effective letterhead is normally intricately designed so that it can be memorable enough to those who come across it. Letterhead design is not just about the logo. The color scheme, fonts and images should also be an accurate representation of what the company in question is all about. If people are able to associate a certain image with your brand, it will help you achieve your advertising goals. It can also get more people to know about your brand.

It should be sparingly colored: Color is a very effective way to draw attention to your design since it is much easier to notice anything with interesting colors. Color can also help you communicate specific ideas and emotions. It can be very instrumental in reinforcing a certain message that a specific business would want to convey. However, color can make or break your letterhead design. Too much may cloud the message that the company would want to convey. Therefore, while use of color may be really advantageous, caution should be exercised so as to convey the right message.

Special effects should be included: An effective letterhead should be as unique as possible since no company wants to hear that their design looks like another company’s. This is very bad publicity. To make your company's designs unique, adding special effects should be considered since they can make the design stand out. Such can go a long way in providing a unique feel to your letterhead without causing a dent in your budget. Some special printing effects you could add are embossing and foil stamping.

Letterheads can actually be a very powerful marketing tool if designed properly. It can help a company be identified from a pool of many similar companies. Many only notice things that are out of the ordinary. Your company letterhead design should be out of the ordinary while still serving its purpose of giving information.

Letterheads Are Still The Trademark



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