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Door Hangers That Get Your Clients' Attention

Updated on October 17, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Door hangers are cardboard or plastic signs that are generally made in rectangular shape - they are distributed as print advertisements to homes and hung on door knobs. They have come to be the best affordable advertisement materials for many, as they strike the customers thinking and attract as well. Depending on how eye-catching your door hangers are, through creativity employed, you can realize greater returns by taking advantage of this promotion type well. Just Press Print provides you with the perfect door hanger printing services that produce motivational copies with an attention-getting design.

Use of other advertisement media platforms like email marketing, newsletters, or ad-word advertisements have become somehow overcrowded besides being a little expensive. Marketers are supposed to embrace new innovative ideas like door hangers that are effective in marketing. The door hangers are a very inexpensive way to market with good returns in sales and in reinforcing your brand.

Before printing the door hangers, you need a design that best fits your target audience and brand of your company. For well-designed door hangers for your business niche, Just Press Print gives you the secrets of door hanger advertising to consider in preparing your copies. The aspects to consider in producing interesting copies to clients include:

Eye-Catching Headline

Your headline must be catchy enough to attract more readerships for your door hanger and be able to stimulate thoughts. There's no guarantee that whoever sees the door sign will read it, thus the headline is necessary to motivate audience to read further in your marketing information. Your headline must summarize the whole idea expressed in your copy to inform and attract the audience. The door hangers will be hung on the door knob, thus anyone who comes across them must be held back by the message in the headline.

Attractive Colors Used

Most people will be attracted by the striking colors of your door hangers, so the color you use must be attractive and be consistent with the entire hanger you design. Adding the colors should complement the message in the hangers and using the perfect stock size for your copy will make your readers be comfortable with it. You may as well choose to design your hangers with color on both sides - colors appear unique and appealing if they complement your brand or product being advertised. For the essence of perfect outlay it is recommended to die cut the printed door hangers for the doorknobs.

Maximize on Available Space for Your Message

The main goal of your door hanger printing is to communicate a given product or brand idea to the target audience. It's therefore necessary to express your idea fully. You should utilize all available convenient space for your hanger printing on the back side of your copy is also a good practice to maximize on your marketing idea. Failure to communicate your message clearly and fully will amount to poor marketing thus poor business branding and no sales returns as customers will not be convinced. The message you put across must be clear, concise and informative but not too wordy.

Produce a Convenient Hanger to Carry

The purpose of printing door hangers is to invite more customers and potential customers to your brand. In consideration of that you should plan to produce printed hangers that are convenient for customers to carry without feeling the burden or need to do away with them. They must be of appropriate size and good material. You can seek guidance with your door hanger printing services company to advice you on best materials to use for your target audience.

Distribution of Your Copies

A good team of distributors should ensure the door hangers are widely spread to your target audience. They should go as far as distributing the materials where your competitors cannot reach. Reaching out to as many customers as possible improves the probability of conversions.

Placement of the hangers on doorknobs where customers obtain them makes them convenient to avoid direct clashing with your business competitors. They increase the chances that homeowners will read them and if you add some compelling offers they would earn so much repeat and new business. Thereafter, put in place tracking methods that can measure the response rate of your particular hanger designs to identify those that work best for your advertising.

After all the above considerations, Just Press Print offers you the right printing services for your door hangers. The company prints copies in 3 different sizes which can be downloaded in any of the sizes in EPS or JPG format for the standard, medium and large door hangers. The best well-designed hangers are a remedy to your marketing efforts - make the best.


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