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Designing and Printing an Effective CD Cover

Updated on December 11, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Even with the convenience of online stores and music streaming, CD copies are still widely used in the music industry. Local musicians need to package copies for radio stations and for distribution. Bands submit a copy of their tracks to radio stations in order for them to get played. MP3s are more accessible yet fans still prefer to show strong support by keeping an actual album copy. But more importantly, band merchandises such as CDs promote visibility. And a CD cover just might help build that good first impression to future listeners.

Most musicians will say that music alone should be able to sell itself, and printing an effective CD cover is at the bottom of their priority list. But gone were the days that anyone can easily write over the CD using Sharpie. It is a rookie mistake that passes off talented musicians as amateurs with a beaten guitar in the garage. An effective CD cover helps musicians get noticed among the stack of CDs. Consider it as a part of Marketing 101. Music needs some advertising and branding. No exceptions. From The Beatles to Britney Spears, musicians must be able to represent themselves beyond sense of sound. A visual representation like a CD cover is simple yet highly effective. Hiring a quality graphic designer and a reputable CD printing service will identify and discuss the best options and get your business noticed.

For a local musician, a singular or double-panel CD cover can suffice. Designing it is similar to producing a track; play with creative freedom. The CD cover body consists of the front and back. Printing services offer either a 1-page or a 2-panel cover. The 1-page cover is 4.75” x 4.75” and slides in nicely to standard plastic cases. The 2- panel cover is designed to be 4.75” x 9.5 and folded in half to give you the same affect but a larger platform to add more content. The importance of layout and design can immensely affect client attitude towards the products and services offered by your company.

Listed below are the top five effective CD cover tips that any local band or DJ should keep in mind prior to printing:

Mind the Shape. Design within the dimensions of the cover. The front and back are two empty slates to work on. People can notice if a design was overly-stretched or cropped-out to fit. It is a minor detail that creates distinguishable impact. Producing CDs will require money so might as well make sure everything is done right.

Band Name /Music Logo. The next step after creating a great track knows how to market it well. A song is nothing until it is heard of by people whom can appreciate. Any musician reaching this point of distributing CDs will most probably have a name already. It is common to include the band name or music logo in the cover for band awareness.

Actual Design. Make sure to create a design that will appear unmistakably the band’s LP/EP. Just like producing tracks, make sure the front and back cover represent the music best. Hiring a seasoned graphic designer using the proper creative suite will also give your piece a very effective result.

Copy Right. Input all information that needs attention, band name and album title. Musicians involved and other credits can be included as well. Also, typos and misspellings are embarrassing.

Printing Quality. Distribute a poorly-printed out CD sleeve and it has diminished half of the effort put into the design and copy. Hire professionals for CD cover printing to guarantee that all the planning will not go to waste. Any band that takes the craft seriously should understand the importance of these seemingly unnecessary issues.

All these efforts are dedicated to the music, better get it right. Keeping these five effective CD cover tips in mind prior to hiring your printing services should make an impression with your clients and reinforce your business brand and help you to winning more followers.

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