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Design an Effective Business Product Catalog

Updated on October 14, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

One marketing strategy that will never get outdated would be advertising or presenting products through catalog printing. It is also said to be one of the most effective ways to showcase the totality of the product. Through an effective catalog, merchants can show the products and services they offer with all the possible details.

A catalog significantly includes images to display how products look like. When the images are vivid, clear and printed on a glossy or matte paper it enhances the product you are selling. Including a very descriptive and hi resolution image will leave an impression in the minds of the readers over a long period of time. It as well entails definition of the products and clearly communicates to the customers the promotions and benefits they could get from the items to purchase. Catalogs help reach different kinds of audiences, give you broad scope and higher limits of presentation and give you lots of options as you create any effective catalog.

Catalog Design Ideas

Even with the fast evolution of the digital technology nowadays, customers would still demand for something printed like manuals and catalogs. These mainly serve as reference and guide of the products so it is best to set standards and gather simplified yet creative ideas for catalog designing. Here are few criteria that should be considered in your next design:

  • Appearance (Keep your brand consistent)
  • Context/Theme - ( Season , Age , Concept )
  • Volume (pages length, fonts and sizes)
  • Images / Pictures
  • Material (Paper quality) (Glossy Coated, uncoated, Dull/ Matte, )
  • Message (Inspirational / Motivational, Technical)

It is also very important to know your target audience so you could think of a unique approach to get their attention. Getting their attention can have them browse the pages from cover to cover of the design. With this, they can compare from one product to another before placing an order.

Catalog Idea Presentation

Effective catalogs are produced when properly printed by the online printing company. Depending on the products or items you showcase, both parties should be involved in the idea collection, materials and the design itself. So it is very important to have proper communication to the company that offers the catalog printing services. It should allow you to decide for your own style and give you lots of paper and finishing options to choose from. The marketing director should ensure that he develops a copy that is meticulously done and clear, that includes fonts, sizes, color and kept to your business brand though out the whole catalog.

An effective catalog should be catchy from front to the back cover. It should be sensible and unique so customers would want to browse the pages and even keep for future reference. The creative team should properly space the pages of the index so that too many products are not crammed on one page. A poorly spaced design may overwhelm customers; consequently, they become unwilling to purchase the products.

It would be best to consult printing experts to give you advice and finally have an effective product catalog that will be a here to stay. With their experience in printing catalogs for several customers and companies that they have in the past, you are assured that they could also present the best of your products for a satisfying result.

Eventually, when an effective catalog is printed, it is more likely an assurance that your products are properly promoted. The simplicity and the uniqueness of the design would help them be more focused on analyzing each item that you sell. Consumers always appreciate companies that make an effort to let them keep a copy of their own to browse on their convenient time so they can have the liberty to choose and decide more on to the item that would best suit their needs.

Effective Product Catalog



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