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Your Business Card Should Reflect Your Business

Updated on October 9, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

Business owners both in the mainstream and medium enterprises use business cards. Over the years, a business card has been a transferrable handshake that your clients can take with them. With a bit of information about yourself and your job, it is an essential item of communication between collogues and their clients.

These small billboards are very economical method of marketing in today’s tough economy. Since the introduction of digital printing you can now order them from quantities of a hundred to thousands. With all the options that are available now you can choose to test market different designs, papers and finishing techniques and not drain your budget.

If you want a business card that can speak on your behalf and communicate relevant material to your clients, then you need a seasoned designer and a reputable company for business card printing. It’s important to hire an agency that has qualified graphic designers and software to design and make your new card according to your specifications.

Since your card is a means to communicate message about your business, you need to make all the decisions about how it should look and feel. The weight and color of the stock, the font, the size and any images must be carefully evaluated to make the card the pleasing advertisement you wish to carry. To ensure that it reflects your business try to keep you brand consistent with logos, colors and message to go along with your other printing material.

Rochester’s Just Press Print specializes not only in the production of personal business cards, but also in printing marketing materials such as brochures, catalogs, booklets, and more. To have your business card designed and made by a professional designer, do not hesitate to get in touch with the company through its official website. If you have your design ready try using our online printing service for fast results.

The following benefits are clear indication that properly designed and customized business cards matter for your business.

It is a means to identify you: Sales executives meet in various avenues including conferences, presentations, workshops, and other special events. In such moments, there may not be enough time to discuss all the details. Exchange of business cards provides a suitable opportunity for future communications between the individuals. Since the card relates to a specific organization, it performs a double action of exposing you and the organization you serve as well.

It is a means to connect: Modern designers include a lot more information in the business cards. In traditional designs, the card just included your name, position, and perhaps a landline telephone number. Today, business cards contain more details including cell phone number, website urls, twitter handle, Facebook link, and more. This makes it an essential item for executives and clients to connect with one another in the modern digital world.

It allows you to update your information on demand: When your job title changes, you shift to another position, or move through the rank, you may have to update the information accordingly. With a customized business card, you can easily change your information to match your status. This can include your new website, title, or organization.

It is a means to differentiate: In one organization, different employees have different roles, and so their business cards convey different messages. When you hand a card to someone, the person already knows whether you are a manager, marketer, or a sales executive. It is therefore a means to differentiate between different individuals in the same organization and their varying roles.

Even in the era of digital technology, business cards remain powerful tools for connection in the modern world. That first impression you make is taken along and considered for longer than that person is in your company. However, in order to get the most from these important items, you need to engage a reputable Rochester printing company for the service.


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