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Guide to Publish your Own Books

Updated on November 11, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

As you read this article, your agent may have just given you the news that the publisher has rejected your book manuscript the umpteenth time. It is very frustrating considering the amount of hours you have spent working on it. However, worry not! There is a sure way out. You can self-publish! It has numerous advantages and mostly you are in control. There is no third party to reject your manuscript. Best of all you can write and publish as many volumes as you want! All you need to do is decide to put your work out there. However, you need to do your research so that you can use the best self-publishing services for your books.

How do you benefit from having your book self-published?

More royalties: Self-publication is your best bet at getting more money from royalties. This is because self-publishing services will always provide more than 25 per cent in royalties. Traditional publishers are out to make revenues from your book so as to stay in operation and will mostly give you 20 percent or less in revenue from royalties.

Control distribution: Traditional publishers always control how your book will be distributed within the market. This may make some customers be at a disadvantage since the publisher may decide not to distribute your book to some specific areas for various reasons. With self-publishing you control where your books are distributed ensuring your audience everywhere has access to your paperbacks.

You are the boss: With self-publishing you call the shots at everything. As the author, you control the content, cover and even the marketing. This gives you a sense of independence as the writer and helps you convey original ideas to your audience. This may be compromised by involving traditional publishers since mostly; they may want to alter your work to suit their ideals.

It increases your book shelf life: A self-published book has an unlimited shelf life since it is published on the internet and printed whenever anyone wants a hard copy of it. Book sellers mostly keep softcovers on their shelves for two months maximum. After the two months it is virtually impossible for anyone to notice that it is still in stock unless it is asked for by name. It is therefore more effective to have books self-published for them to remain in circulation.

Cost Control: You can easily control the costs of publishing your books. This is because you only print the books when someone is in need of a hard copy of your volume. This is called printing on demand. You are always sure that your book will be bought when you print it. This is very helpful in that it enables you not to use lots of money printing so many books which will end up gathering dust.

Why should you print on demand?

It can help you manage uncertainty: Printing on demand helps you print books only when you know they will be bought. This is particularly useful for those people who write books during a certain season; for example a celebrity during his/her heyday. This will help the person print just the right amount of reserves that will guarantee him/her a handsome profit during that time.

It can help you maintain your book availability: Printing on demand always helps you keep your volumes in circulation. This is because you can print your books whenever you want. Seasoned authors can also use this method to keep their books in circulation before another bulk publication of their title. It is really helpful so as not to deny their audiences the chance to read their books.

It can help you make niche publications: Sometimes one needs to customize a certain copy of a paperbacks for certain reasons. Only printing on demand allows you to do this. It can also allow you to keep copies of important books in circulation maybe to preserve a certain history or culture. This is possible since with printing on demand you can publish just enough copies at any time you like.

It is cheaper: Printing on demand is more cost effective since you only print what you desire. It helps you stay within your printing budget. You are also sure that your books will be bought since you only print when you have an order from an interested party. This way you are sure to gain from the printing of your self-published books.

As an author, you can really benefit from book self-publishing. You only need to get reliable Rochester self-publishing services so as to start enjoying the full package of benefits.

Guide to Publish your Own Books



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