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Marketing Your books with the use of bookmark printing

Updated on December 5, 2014 - Posted by Just Press Print to Print Product Ideas

The use of bookmark has already stretched its limit from being a simple placeholder to aid readers on their passion to a marketing tool that is used for campaigns and advertisements. It may just be simple piece of paper but if you use your imagination with a little help from a reliable bookmark printing company, it would turn out to be a fantastic advertising channel. You may have doubts because of how limited it could provide for the reader’s usage but with a great collaboration of art, you could create a masterpiece.

A bookmark always has a space in every reader’s books. And to take that as an advantage, you can come up with ideas using these pieces of art to promote the books that you write. Custom bookmark printing is a perfect way to introduce your own dynamic concept to market your books. This is also helpful for you to communicate to your target reader, just like a teaser for your book launching or even one of the collectible items you may use for your books.

Unlike flyers or leaflets, a bookmark is something that you can keep for personal use or to be given as a simple gift. So, it is more advisable to add some personal touch on to it to make it more fun and attractive.

Design your bookmarks

Bookmarks can also be a start of an investment for your book. For that, you need to arrange a strategic plan and come up with a creative concept. To design your bookmarks is the first step to that. Remember that doing so is not just an opportunity for you to have a simple or conventional promotion or advertisement and thus, your bookmark needs to be carefully planned and customized.

Planning your Design. You do not have to settle on the regular bookmark shape. You can relate it to the concept of your book. If your book is about love and romance, you may come up with a “partnered bookmark”. Bookmarks are effective if cut into halves where 2 of the readers can get each of the halves, and match them to get the whole piece. If it is horror or suspense, you may put up a mystery, like a puzzle bookmark or have a mysterious riddle to entice the reader to read the book further. There is no standard size or shape.

Selecting the Suitable Paper. You should also be knowledgeable of the kinds of materials that could best fit your concept. As the use of bookmarks is not just as simple placeholder this time, get materials to complement to your design, like soft or glossy papers and rough or matte paper boards or sturdy stock of papers.

Adding Details. Choosing the right font and styles would make your bookmarks more appealing. You can use unique font styles that are readily available to choose from. You may also add an image, message and quote to add drama to your bookmark.

It is indeed fun and stimulating to market your book through bookmark printing. Going from the conventional way of advertising would not hurt your budget and may be a start of a new venture to highly promote your book. Check out the prices, how bookmark printing is done and how it is presented. You will be amazed on how a single bookmark can give you a mile in marketing your book.


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